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Air Carrier Training Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ACT ARC)

ACT ARC Products

2020 Recommendations
Recommendations Title
Recommendation 20-1 (PDF) Managing Attention and Workload Related to Information Automation
Recommendation 20-2 (PDF) Flight Standardization Board Process Mapping
Recommendation 20-3 (PDF) Enhanced FAA Oversight of Operational Evaluation
Recommendation 20-4 (PDF) FAA Entry Point for Certification Applications with Operations Impacts
Recommendation 20-5 (PDF) Standard Issue Papers
Recommendation 20-6 (PDF) Operational Suitability Demonstration and Evaluation Activities
Recommendation 20-7 (PDF) Acceptance of Proposed FSB Evaluation Plan
Recommendation 20-8 (PDF) Pilot Qualifications for FSB Training Evaluations
Recommendation 20-9 (PDF) Timely Publication of Application of FSB Evaluation Results
Recommendation 20-10 (PDF) Operational Evaluation of Non-Installed Equipment
2019 Recommendations
Recommendations Title
Recommendation 19-1 (PDF) Revisions to the Flight Standardization Board Report Template
Recommendation 19-2 (PDF) Improving and Expanding Operational Suitability Evaluations under Existing Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements (BASA)
Recommendation 19-3 (PDF) Training Information Automation Systems in the Operational Context
Recommendation 19-4 (PDF) Energy Management
2018 Recommendations
Recommendations Title
Recommendation 18-1 (PDF) Reasonableness Checks of Information Automation Systems
Recommendation 18-2 (PDF) Harmonization of Category II/III Pilot Authorization Requirements
Recommendation 18-3 (PDF) Harmonization of Guidance for Level C Differences
Recommendation 18-4 (PDF) Continuous Improvement of Standardized Curricula
Recommendation 18-5 (PDF) Guidance on Fighting High-Energy Fires
2017 Recommendations
Recommendations Title
Recommendation 17-1 (PDF) Manual Recovery from Unintended Autoflight States
Recommendation 17-2 (PDF) Guidance for Written Tests Conducted under Part 135 and Part 142
Recommendation 17-3 (PDF) Guidance for 142 Instructor/Evaluator Training Requirements
Recommendation 17-4 (PDF) Guidance for 142.53(b)(1) Deviation Requests
Recommendation 17-5 (PDF) Guidance for Training Center Evaluator Observation Credit
Recommendation 17-6 (PDF) Training Center Approval Process Efficiencies
Recommendation 17-7 (PDF) Training Standardization Board Structure and Functionality
Recommendation 17-8 (PDF) Management of Automated Systems
2016 Recommendations
Recommendations Title
Recommendation 16-1 (PDF) Scenario-Enhanced Recurrent (SER) Training and Checking for 135 Operators
Recommendation 16-2 (PDF) Facilitator Training to Deliver Cross-Functional CRM Training
Recommendation 16-3 (PDF) Operational Mode Awareness
Recommendation 16-4 (PDF) Training Elements for Training the Pilot Monitoring (PM)
Recommendation 16-5 (PDF) Guidance for 14 CFR 135.299 Line Checks
Recommendation 16-6 (PDF) Delivery of Cross-Functional Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training
Recommendation 16-7 (PDF) Petition ICAO to Review Aeronautical Experience Requirements for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Applicants
Recommendation 16-8 (PDF) Enhanced Qualification Program (Alternate Pathway to R-ATP)
Recommendation 16-9 (PDF) Manual Flight Operations
Recommendation 16-10 (PDF) Flight Path Management Philosophy, Policy, and Procedures
2015 Recommendations
Recommendations Title
Recommendation 15-1 (PDF) Addressing Administrative Inefficiencies for 135 Operator Training Programs delivered by 142 Training Centers (Guidance)
Recommendation 15-2 (PDF) Addressing Administrative Inefficiencies for 135 Operator Training Programs delivered by 142 Training Centers (Rulemaking)
Recommendation 15-3 (PDF) Proposed Minimum Hours for Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) Operator Training Curriculums
Recommendation 15-4 (PDF) Integration of Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) in Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) Operator Training Curriculums
Recommendation 15-5 (PDF) Using Safety Management System (SMS) to Address Flight Path Management (FPM) Issues in 121 Air Carrier Training
Recommendation 15-6 (PDF) Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) Operator Training Programs
Recommendation 15-7 (PDF) Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) and Scenario Based Training for Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) Operations
Recommendation 15-8 (PDF) Crew Resource Management (CRM) for Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) Operations
Recommendation 15-9 (PDF) Aircraft-Specific Part 135 Standardized Curriculum Model
Recommendation 15-10 (PDF) Guidance Material Addressing Intervention Strategies
Recommendation 15-11 (PDF) Auto Flight Mode Training
2014 Recommendations
Recommendations Title
Recommendation 14-1 (PDF) Improving Guidance on Use of Windshear Models in Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD)

Standardized Curriculum for Part 135 Training Provided by Training Centers

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