Community Engagement — Washington, D.C. (DCA)

The implementation of the D.C. Metroplex project is complete. Expected long-term benefits include improved safety, efficiency, increased access to affected airports, and comprehensive improvements to operations.

On September 13, 14 and 15 Public Meetings were held to show proposed changes to nine Standard Instrument Departure procedures from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The changes involve the first three fixes on the procedures and were voted on and endorsed by the Washington-National Airport Working Group during a meeting facilitated by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA). The FAA exhibited several graphics at the meetings illustrating proposed location changes for ADAXE, BEBLE, and COVTO as well as graphics that displayed actual flight tracks on the current procedures. The proposed changes accomplish goals set by MWAA and the Working Group to increase time over water and to avoid the restricted airspace.

The FAA has decided to terminate the proposed changes to DCA departure procedures known as "LAZIR B," based on feedback from communities around the airport. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority recently added more members to the DCA Community Noise Working Group to provide broader representation from communities around the airport. The Working Group is developing a more comprehensive work plan to address community noise concerns. The FAA will continue to support the efforts of the Working Group.

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Last updated: Thursday, September 1, 2022