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Obstacle Data - Request Submission Procedures

The Obstacles Team receives a large number of requests for obstacle and accuracy code verifications from the Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) and the Flight Procedure Offices (FPOs). The amount of time to complete a request can vary depending on the type of request and other work being completed by the team. The team will try to get your request completed by the requested deadline and will contact you about the delivery date.

You can help expedite this process by:

  • Submitting your obstacle and/or accuracy code verification request(s) as early in your process as possible.
  • Submitting only those obstacles you actually require for the task at hand. Please do not submit large area searches that include all known obstacles. It delays our response time for those obstacles you truly require.
  • Eliminating duplicate and surveyed (1A through 2C and dismantled) obstacles from your requests.
  • Placing a priority on each obstacle when submitting a list of obstacles.
  • Providing a "Required by" date to help us prioritize your request.

Please send all requests to the Obstacle Data Team using the Obstacle Data sub-category under NAS Data through the Aeronautical Inquiries Portal.

We will keep you informed of the progress and provide obstacle information as they are verified and added to the Obstacle Authoritative Source (OAS). If you need a status report on an obstacle, please email the management team.

Please distribute a copy of these procedures to all of your obstacle evaluation and procedure specialists.

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