The Digital Airport/Facilities Directory contains individual or multiple PDF pages extracted form the hard-copy A/FDs. Multi-page front and rear matter pages are region specific (i.e. NW, SW, EC, NC, SC, SE, NE, AK and PAC). The product is produced every 56 days coinciding with the airspace cycle date and is available as download only. No disk is provided.

Included is a metadata xml file containing the following elements:

  • State
  • Airport Name
  • City Name
  • Airport Identifier (if airport)
  • Navaid Name (if Navaid)
  • Associated PDF file name

Front and back covers are not included.

If ordering through FAA, please provide the FAA Product IDs with your order for faster service.

Note: When downloading large files, it is best to download one file at a time using a broadband internet connection during off-peak hours.

Name and FAA Product ID
Product Product ID
Downloadable Digital Airport/Facilities Directory DAFD