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Digital - Chart Supplement (d-CS)

Chart Supplement coverage of the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Pacific Territories

DAFD Graphic

Presented here are all of the U.S. Chart Supplements, the Chart Supplement Pacific and the Chart Supplement Alaska. They are searchable by individual airport in PDF format. They contain data on public and joint use airports, seaplane bases, heliports, VFR airport sketches, NAVAIDs, communications data, weather data, airspace, special notices, and operational procedures. The seven A/FD volumes cover the conterminous United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The Supplements cover Alaska and the Pacific Island Territories. The Chart Supplements includes data that cannot be readily depicted in graphic form: e.g., airport hours of operation, types of fuel available, runway data, lighting codes, etc. General Information, Directory Legend and Supplemental information pages printed in each of the volumes are provided as multi-page PDF files.

The Digital Chart Supplement pages are available for viewing, searching, downloading and printing.

Report any Chart Supplement errors or changes.

The tables below contain digital Chart Supplement files for a given cycle. The Application Data zip file contains single page PDFs and an xml database for searching. No application is included. The Cover-to-Cover files contain each of the nine supplements from cover to cover in Portable Document Format (PDF). As an added convenience the CS ALL file contains all nine regions in one large zip file. Due to the large file sizes, it is best to download one file at a time using a broadband connection during off-peak internet hours.

Next edition files will be available approximately 20 days prior to their effective date.

Digital Chart Supplement Application Data
Current Edition Date Next Edition Date
DCS App Nov 08 2018 (Zip)DCS App Jan 03 2019
Chart Supplements Cover-to-Cover PDFs
Current Edition Date Next Edition Date
CS AK Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS AK Jan 03 2019
CS EC Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS EC Jan 03 2019
CS NC Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS NC Jan 03 2019
CS NE Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS NE Jan 03 2019
CS NW Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS NW Jan 03 2019
CS PAC Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS PAC Jan 03 2019
CS SC Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS SC Jan 03 2019
CS SE Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS SE Jan 03 2019
CS SW Nov 08 2018 (PDF)CS SW Jan 03 2019
CS ALL Nov 08 2018 (Zip)CS ALL Jan 03 2019

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