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Archived Notices for FAAO JO 7110.65

Air Traffic Control

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GENOT/Notices for Air Traffic Control
Effective Subject
  • Document Change Proposal(s)
N JO 7110.761 (PDF) 10/26/2018

Landing Clearance

JO 7110.65X
N JO 7110.750 (PDF) 05/03/2018

Formation Flights

JO 7110.65X
N JO 7110.749 (PDF) 05/07/2018

Pilot/Controller Glossary – Established on RNP (EoR) Concept

JO 7110.65X
N JO 7110.748 (PDF) 05/07/2018

Simultaneous Independent Approaches - Dual & Triple; and Simultaneous Independent Approaches to Widely-Spaced Parallel Runways Without Final Monitors

JO 7110.65X
N JO 7110.747 (PDF) 05/03/2018

Formation Flights

JO 7110.750
This notice cancels and replaces the not yet effective 7110.747 to clarify language.
N JO 7110.746 (PDF) 04/16/2018

ATC Service

JO 7110.65X
Incorp in Change 2
N JO 7110.745 (PDF) 12/22/2017

Simultaneous Independent Approaches – Dual & Triple

JO 7110.65X
N JO 7110.744 (PDF) 11/20/2017

PIREP Solicitation and Dissemination

JO 7110.65X
N JO 7110.743 (PDF) 12/14/2017

Open Skies Treaty Aircraft

JO 7110.65X
N JO 7110.738 (PDF) 08/21/2017

Authorization for the Use of Automated Point Out Functionality in ERAM release EAD700

JO 7110.65X

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