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SWIM Program Overview


SWIM provides access to aviation information through a single connection.In the past, the state of the art for connecting two systems required a fixed network connection and custom, point-to-point, application-level data interfaces. Current National Airspace System (NAS) operations depend upon these legacy information systems with some systems entirely unconnected. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) identified a need to reduce the high degree of interdependence among systems and move away from the proliferation of unique, point-to-point application interfaces.

In 2007, the FAA established the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Program to implement a set of Information Technology principles in the NAS and provide users with relevant and commonly understandable information.

What is SWIM?

SWIM is the Digital Data-Sharing backbone of NextGen.The System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Program is a National Airspace System (NAS)-wide information system that supports Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) goals.

SWIM facilitates the data sharing requirements for NextGen, providing the digital data-sharing backbone of NextGen. SWIM enables increased common situational awareness and improved NAS agility to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. This information-sharing platform offers a single point of access for aviation data, with producers of data publishing it once and users accessing the information they need through a single connection.

SWIM Vision

SWIM will transform the NAS into an agile information-centric system by establishing common processes and infrastructure needed for NextGen.

SWIM Mission

SWIM is a technology enabler that provides the IT standards, infrastructure and governance necessary for NAS systems to share information, improve interoperability, and reuse information and services.

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