Enterprise Service Monitoring (ESM)

ESM Overview

The Enterprise Service Monitoring (ESM) program complements traditional system monitoring capabilities, enabling near real-time end-to-end monitoring and reporting of enterprise SWIM services. ESM thus facilitates operations and management decisions on SWIM-related services including the NEMS infrastructure, on-ramping and exchange services, and user systems (SWIM producers and consumers).

The Benefits

  • Reduces the number of simultaneous displays the Enterprise Data Services (EDS) technician needs to monitor by providing a "single pane of glass" situational awareness to Ops to expedite fault isolation and service restoration.
  • Collects status data from NEMS Ops UI, communications infrastructure, and both SWIM producers and consumers
  • Builds on existing monitoring infrastructure in the Integrated Enterprise Services Platform (IESP), which is used to host several SWIM Implementing programs


ESM is being developed and rolled out in phases. The first phase of ESM, already operational, included the NAS Enterprise Messaging Service (NEMS) Ops UI, to provide operations personnel with situational awareness information on the NEMS infrastructure.

ESM Phase 2 will become operational in the second quarter of FY 2018. It provides the ability to ingest data from SWIM Implementing Programs and the NEMS Ops UI, and to correlate, aggregate, and display this data in consolidated views. SWIM Flight Data Publication Service (SFDPS) and SWIM Terminal Data Distribution Service (STDDS) will be the first producers to provide status data.

ESM Phase 3 provides integration with additional SIPs and additional functionality, and will become operational in FY 2019.

Technology and Implementation

ESM achieves its goals by enhancing existing monitoring capabilities in the IESP. It provides additional components and integration mechanisms to receive status from SIPs and the NEMS Ops UI, and to process, correlate, aggregate, and display this enterprise infrastructure and producer/consumer status for better situational awareness. The existing monitoring toolset includes Hewlett Packard (HP) OMi and related tools.

The primary component provided by ESM is the ESM Consumer, a NEMS client, which collects, processes, and correlates status information from SIPs and NEMS, and send this information to the HP monitoring tools for display. Other mechanisms for gathering information from SIPs include SNMP polling/alerts and direct integration with the HP toolset.

ESM Schema

ESM provides a schema describing the content and structure of status information SWIM Implementing programs are expected to provide to the ESM consumer.

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