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Office of the Regional Administrator

Contact Information

Regional Administrator: Joe Miniace
(816) 329-3050

Regional Operations Center (24-hour incident response)
(816) 329-3000

The Regional Administrator is the senior FAA staff member in the region and is responsible for maintaining oversight and for appraising overall mission accomplishment.

The Regional Administrator serves as the principal representative of the Administrator and the senior FAA officials in their Region. The Regional Administrator provides corporate leadership in cross-organizational matters and represents the Agency within industry, the public and governmental organizations. Responsibilities include

  • Serving as the communications link between the Office of the Administrator and the field
  • Developing and maintaining contacts with regional military services, elected officials, aviation stakeholders, civic and private groups
  • Serving as members of the Federal Executive Boards
  • Participating as keynote speakers and panel members at a variety of aviation related meetings
  • Developing and sustaining effective relationships with aviation constituencies such as members of major industry organizations, public interest groups, national associations and other comparable organizations, such as National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO), Aviation & Space Education (AVSED), community board meetings, media events, runway safety, congressional constituent meetings and Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator (RETCO)

Other oversight activities include:

  • Regional Management Team
  • Aviation & Space Education (AVSED)
  • Corporate communications
  • Regional Operations Center
  • Crisis Response
  • International Liaison
  • Airplane Noise Issues
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Congressional Liaison


Accounting Contact Information

FAA Financial Services
PO Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125
Phone: (405) 954-4333

FAA accounting responsibilities within the four state Central region are handled by a central office located at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, OK.

Grant Payment History

Sponsors that desire to verify their grant payment history as part of their single audit should use the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) system.

eInvoicing Account Information

Sponsor within the FAA Central Region who need to change their account information (e.g. authorized person or bank account information) must first contact the Central Region Fiscal Control Specialist at (816) 329-2641. At that time, the Sponsor will receive instructions regarding how to update their account information.

eInvoicing Access Issues

Sponsors having difficulty accessing the eInvoicing System should contact the customer service desk at the following toll free number: 1-866-641-3500 - Option 4 - Option 3

ATO- Technical Operations - Central Service Area

Contact Information

ATO Technical Operations- NAS Planning & Integration

(817) 222-4618

Non-Federal Facilities - Central Region

  • Non-Fed and Contract Towers, (817) 222-4261
  • Non-Fed AWOS, (817) 222-4547
  • Non-Fed NavAids, (817) 222-4038

The ATO Technical Operations organization is responsible for managing, modernizing, and operating the infrastructure of the National Airspace System. Their responsibilities includes systems such as radar, communication, ground-based navigation aids, and automation.

Airport owners and operators who are proposing airfield development work that may impact a FAA owned facility must coordinate in advance with FAA ATO Technical Operations. The two typical situations are as follows:

  1. Physical Impact:
    • Requires establishment of an FAA Reimbursable agreement that addresses anticipated costs to the FAA that result from the sponsor's development project.
    • Sponsor should provide notification to the FAA 1 year in advance of the proposed development.
    • Includes projects that:
      • require relocation or re-installation of an FAA facility
      • results in relocation or splicing of underground FAA cable.
  2. Out of Service Impacts
    • Requires 45 day advance notification to the FAA ATO point of contact using the Strategic Events Cooridination form.
    • Generally involves temporary shutdown of FAA facilities due to runway shutdown or sponsor work activities in critical areas.

The ATO organization also services the non-Federal Facility program such as sponsor-owned AWOS sites.

Civil Rights Office

Contact Information

Patricia A. Wright
DBE Program Specialist
(310) 725-3955

The Office of Civil Rights represents the FAA Administration on civil rights, diversity, and equal opportunity matters. A significant function of the FAA Civil Rights office is the administration of the Airports Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program.

Entities receiving AIP funds in excess of $ 250,000 a year under the AIP program must have an approved DBE program conforming to Federal Regulation 49 CFR Part 26. To remain eligible for AIP funding, sponsor must fully comply with all required provision of 49 CFR Part 26 . This $250,000 threshold represents total yearly amount as opposed to a project specific amount. The $250,000 does not represent a threshold that establishes whether a specific project requires a DBE goal.

Flight Procedures Office

Contact Information

Federal Aviation Administration
Flight Procedures and Airspace Group
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: (405) 954-4164
Email: 9-AWA-AVS-AFS-400-Flight-Technologies-Procedures-Division@faa.gov

The Flight Procedures and Airspace Group is a service within the Flight Technologies and Procedures Division that administers FAA instrument flight procedures development and maintenance functions. The Flight Procedures and Airspace Group is the focal point to start the process for completing requests for new and revised instrument flight procedures. The Flight Procedures and Airspace Group is also involved in the evaluation of proposed construction as it relates to the impact to current and future instrument procedures.

The Flight Procedures and Airspace Group will assist sponsors with the scheduling of flight inspection of new and revised instrument procedures and facilities. Airport owner/operators shall contact Flight Procedures whenever temporary or permanent modfications are made to runways with existing precision and non-precision approaches.

Public Affairs

Contact Information

Tony Molinaro or Elizabeth Isham Cory
Des Plaines, IL
Phone: (847) 294-7427
After Hours: (847) 294-7410 or (847) 294-7427 or (816) 329-3000
Fax: (847) 294-7852

The Public Affairs staff is the FAA focal point for all external communication with the news media and the general public. Public Affairs Specialists issue press releases regarding significant national or local issues, conduct media interviews, and arrange interviews with FAA officials. Public Affairs Specialists also respond to public inquiries for information about the latest navigational and air traffic control equipment, air traffic procedures, airport funding programs, the noise abatement program, federal aviation regulations, aviation statistical data, consumer information, and consumer complaints.

The Public Affairs points of contact for the FAA Central Region reside in the Great Lakes Regional Offices.


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