Airshows and Other Events

Central Regional Airports Division

Required Coordination

Airport Operators that propose to hold an airshow at their airport must coordinate with FAA in advance of the event. To limit delays, this coordination should occur several months in advance of the actual date of the airshow. Because this coordination addresses both safety and compliance matters, operators for Federally obligate airports need to coordinate with two separate FAA offices; 1) Flight Standards Division (Safety) and 2) Airports Division (Compliance and Part 139).

Flight Standards – Certificate of Waiver

Airport Operators that propose an airshow must have a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (FAA Form 7711-1) that is issued by the appropriate FAA Flight Standards District Office. For airports certificated under 14 CFR Part 139, Flight Standards will not issue this Certificate or Waiver or Authorization until the FAA Regional Airports Division reviews the proposal and offers their concurrence with the events Ground Operations Plan.

The plan must address the Part 139-related requirements impacted by the airshow and be approved by an airport safety certification inspector. Unless temporary arresting gear needs to be installed for military fight demonstrations, this requirement should have minimal impact on airport operators. Once the Ground Operations Plan is approved, the airport certification inspector will send a letter to the airport operator and notify the appropriate Flight Standards District Office.

FAA Airports Division – Compliance

Airport operators who propose an airshow at an airport that has previously received Federal funds must also provide a separate notification to the Central Region Compliance Specialist. The purpose of this coordination is to assure compliance with current Federal obligations such as operating the airport in a safe manner.



Last updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2022