Effective Planning Steps

Central Regional Airports Division

Capital Planning Process for AIP Funding

The sponsor's CIP is prepared on an annual basis and represents the airport sponsor's five-year program for development at their airport. It is essential for good capital planning practices to be adopted in order to position airport development projects for bid-based AIP grant funding. Grant awards based on bids are imperative to realizing aviation system and capacity improvements in a fiscally responsible and timely manner.

Following the capital planning practices summarized below will assist in the efforts to invest the federal dollar in the most efficient way. Please note that the applicability of some actions are dependent upon the nature of the proposed development.

Capital Planning Steps

  • Identify potential funding sources and amounts, PFC, AIP, State, Other Local
  • Determine project eligibility under AIP
  • Align AIP eligible projects with Federal Objectives
  • Target AIP funds for high AIP priority projects and non-AIP funds for low AIP priority projects
  • Assign budgets and phase projects
  • Contact your FAA Program Manager to refine CIP during the first quarter of each calendar year
  • Schedule periodic discussions with your Program manager to review program progress

6 Years before Construction (Planning)

  • Review Master Plan and ALP. Identify potential projects
  • Determine if ALP or Exhibit A Property needs updating
  • Communicate with users and tenants
  • Initiate ALP update, Airspace Review, Exhibit A Property Update

5 Years before Construction

  • Scope the project
  • Identify funding sources (AIP/State/Local)
  • Identify type of Environmental Documentation (CE or EA) expected
  • Determine if DBE program is required
  • Identify if Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) or Letter of intent (LOI) is appropriate
  • By February 15, Submit CIP Data Sheet showing Environmental Assessment next year, if required

4-Years before Construction (Environmental)

  • Select Consultant as needed for remaining AIP implementation steps
  • Refine Scope and Cost Estimate
  • Identify new or existing NAVAIDS that will be affected by the project
  • Identify if any Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) will need modification due to the project
  • Initiate
    • Environmental Documentation (CE/EA)
    • DBE Plan, LOI, BCA
  • By February 15, Submit CIP Data Sheet showing
    • Construction 4-years out
    • Reimbursement for Land Acquisition next year

3 Years before Construction (Land)

  • Finalize ALP Update, Environmental Documentation, Exhibit A
  • Acquire Land or have Contract to Purchase
  • Verify DBE program approval
  • Coordinate:
    • NAVAIDS impacts
    • Reimbursable Agreement with FAA Air Traffic Organization facilities group
  • By February 15, Submit CIP Data Sheet showing
    • Construction 3-years out
    • Project Design next year
  • By May 1, Submit Grant Application for Land Acquisition Reimbursement

2 Years before Construction (Design/AGIS)

  • Solidify Project Scope
  • Conduct Aeronautical (AGIS) Survey
  • Develop plans, specifications, safety plan
  • Update/Revise Cost Estimates
  • Finalize Reimbursable Agreement, BCA, LOI, DBE 3-year program goal
  • Review project schedule and funding with FAA
  • By February 15, Submit CIP Data Sheet showing Construction 2-years out
  • By May 1, Submit Grant Application for Design and AGIS Survey this year if construction will occur within 2 years of design

1 Year before Construction (IAPs)

  • Establish DBE project goal based on progress in meeting 3-year goal
  • Finalize Plans and Specifications
  • Request Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs take 18-24 months for development after acceptance of AGIS survey by NGS)
  • Update/Revise Cost Estimates
  • Review project schedule and funding with FAA and agree you will be able to accept a grant the following year based on bid
  • By February 15, Submit CIP Data Sheet showing Construction next year

Implementation Year (Construction)

  • Advertise, Secure Bids
  • Make Grant application based on Bid
  • By May 1, Submit Grant Application for Construction based on bid this year

Immediately Following Implementation

  • Provide As-built ALP
  • Closeout Grant within 90-days of acceptance
  • Use the aviation improvement

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