U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics

The U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics is an annual study published to meet the demands of FAA, other government agencies, and industry. It contains detailed airmen statistics not published in other FAA reports.

Statistics about airmen, both pilot and nonpilot, were obtained from the official airmen certification records maintained at FAA's Aeronautical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

An active airman is one who holds both an airmen certificate and a valid medical certificate. Airmen who must have a valid medical to exercise the privileges of their certificate are all airplane pilots, rotorcraft pilots, flight navigators, and flight engineers. Glider pilots are not required to have a medical examination but the numbers represent only those who had a valid medical certificate on record at the Aeronautical Center.

Annual Statistics

The U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics are now presented in a modified format. One file for each year contains all data tables in separate tabs in lieu of each table presented as a single file.

Last updated: Thursday, March 7, 2024