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Aviation and Space Education (AVSED) Airport Design Challenge FAQs

Who can participate in the FAA AVSED Airport Design Challenge?

Any student in grades K-12 may participate.

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Can I participate by myself or do I have to join a team?

We accept entries from both individuals and teams.

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What is the maximum size for my team?

Five people is the maximum that can be on a team.

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If I miss a week, can I still participate?

Yes, but you must complete all the required tasks by the challenge deadline in order for your airport design to be judged as part of the contest.

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Do I have to use a local airport as the basis of my design?

No, but we highly encourage you to use a local airport so you can research it and ensure your airport is being built to FAA specifications.

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What are the categories for the competition?

Certificates will be provided for both grades K-6 and grades 7-12 in the following categories:

  • Primary Airport
  • Non-primary Airport

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Some versions of Minecraft are more advanced than others; which one should I use?

While different versions of Minecraft do have different capabilities, the limited requirements we are asking for are easily accommodated by any version.

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Is the AVSED Airport Design Challenge really able to be done by anyone in grades K-12?

After reviewing several similar competitions, we were impressed by the ability of younger children to create very complex structures and designs within Minecraft. We recognize that skill levels will vary from one grade to another, but the same could be said of varying students within a single grade. Some tasks and references may require adult assistance in order to ensure understanding, but the root of the challenge is in the creativity of each student to design and develop their airport to the best of their individual abilities.

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Where can I go for help?

In addition to weekly instructional videos, websites, and other resources, each team will be assigned an FAA Mentor to assist them throughout the entire challenge. You may also email our team at For questions or concerns regarding software or hardware issues, please contact the administrator of the specific item.

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