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Thank you for your interest in obtaining an Organization Designation Authorization.

Information on how to obtain an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) is contained in FAA Order 8100.15. Refer to this order for instructions on how to apply. Discuss any plans to apply for ODA with your FAA Managing Office prior to submitting an application as not all qualified organizations will be granted ODA. ODAs are granted based on the needs of the appointing office and benefit to the FAA.

The ODA application package includes the following seven items:

  • FAA Form 8100-13, ODA Statement of Qualifications
  • A cover letter stating the authority and limitations requested for the authorization, including the products and/or articles for which the authorization will be used. The cover letter must also contain a brief statement describing the applicant's eligibility under 14 CFR 183.47.
  • A detailed description of how the applicant meets the eligibility and qualification requirements defined in paragraphs 3-4 and 3-5, and the specific eligibility requirements defined in chapters 8 through 15 of Order 8100.15.
  • A detailed description of the applicant's proposed ODA setup, including the ODA holder's organizational structure, the ODA unit's relationship to the applicant's organization, and facilities.
  • The ODA administrator's name, experience, and qualifications in a resume that clearly demonstrates that the proposed ODA administrator meets the qualifications of chapter 3 of Order 8100.15.
  • A list of the proposed ODA unit members and information outlining the experience, qualifications, proposed functions, and limitations of each ODA unit member.
  • A draft procedures manual that includes the information required by paragraph 3-9, and the specific information outlined in the procedures manual example in appendix B and in chapters 8 through 15 of Order 8100.15.

Applications should be submitted to the appropriate managing office shown in Order 8100.15, Figure 4-1.

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Last updated: Tuesday, November 15, 2022