Individual Designees Overview

These designees are private individuals who act as representatives of the FAA. Some of these designees are company employees who are authorized to act on behalf of the FAA only for their company, and some are independents who may work for any client.

Each of these individual designees regularly coordinates with a point of contact within the FAA who provides oversight for the designee's activities. Depending on the type of designee, the FAA point of contact is called either an advisor, principal inspector, or, if the designee is being managed through the new Designee Management System (DMS), a managing specialist.

The authority to designate Individuals as designees is contained in Title 14 CFR part 183, subparts B and C. These subparts contain sections 183.23 through 183.33, and outline the responsibilities of each individual designee type.

Engineering and Flight Test designees (DER) are responsible to find that a proposed aircraft design, i.e. the engineering data, complies with the published airworthiness requirements for the aircraft type. This approved engineering data is part of the aircraft's type design.

Manufacturing and Airworthiness designees (DMIR and DAR-F) inspect parts and entire aircraft to ensure that they conform to the approved engineering data. When the aircraft conforms to its approved type design and is in a condition for safe operation, these designees issue the aircraft airworthiness certificate.

Maintenance Airworthiness designees (DAR-T) perform examination, inspection, and testing services necessary for issuance of certificates and other approvals.

Operations and Maintenance designees issue certificates to people involved in the operation or maintenance of aircraft, such as pilots, and mechanics. Maintenance designees also include parachute riggers examiners.

Medical Examiners (AME) are licensed physicians who issue medical certificates to people involved in the operations of aircraft.

Last updated: Thursday, December 8, 2022