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Aerospace Medical Certification Subsystem (AMCS) Online Support

Password and Username Tips

  • Do not share your password with anyone, including fellow staff members.
  • Please understand that if you call the Hotline to inquire about a password our staff will be unable to discuss it with you unless it is your password. We can not tell a staff member the doctor's password nor can we tell the doctor a staff member's password.
  • The only way to obtain a new user name or password is to submit a request via the official request form. Once this is received, your user name and password will be mailed back to you. We can not give the password out over the phone, by fax or by e-mail. No exceptions!
  • If, for some reason you do not receive your user name we can give you that over the phone, but only if you are able to read us your password. Again, we can not provide you the imformation on someone else's user name or password.
  • The password and user name are case sensitive.
  • Do not include a period at the end when entering a user name or password.
  • Watch for the letter "O" and the number "0", and the letter "I" and the number "1". These are easily confused with each other.

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