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Aerospace Medical Certification Subsystem (AMCS) Online Support

Please read through the following information so that if trouble does occur, you will be familiar with potential solutions.

Are you using the correct URL?
The URL is

Can your browser connect with other remote sites?
If you can connect with other remote sites, but cannot connect with the AMCS server, the problem may be a difficulty with our network or with some other system within the FAA. External problems such as power outages, etc. may impact us. Periodically AMCS may need to be taken down for maintenance and upgrades, though this is rare without an announcement. Normally any maintenance for AMCS occurs during the evening hours or on the weekend. If in doubt please call the AMCS Support Desk (405.954.3238) to report the problem.

I can't remember my password for:
Restricted AMCS Web Site - Contact AMCS Support advising them that you cannot access the AMCS web site. A new password will be generated and provided to you.

Your Internet access - your access to the World Wide Web is provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you can't remember your password for your Internet connection, you must contact your ISP.

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