Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) Designee Information

Designee Management System (DMS)

In response to a U.S. Government Accountability Office audit, AVS has implemented an integrated, improved designee management solution for all FAA designee types. The Designee Management System (DMS) was developed to support this policy. Volume 53-2 of the Federal Air Surgeon's Medical Bulletin (FASMB) (PDF) contains additional information about the DMS transition.

As part of the transition to DMS, you are assigned a unique nine-digit identification number known as the designee number; this new designee number replaces your current designee number (known as your AME number) and is used to identify your work and certifications as authorized by the Administrator.

After the transition is complete, you will receive a new authorization known as a Certificate Letter of Authority (CLOA). This CLOA contains the same or similar authorizations as your current authorization. Once transitioned, requests for delegation, oversight activities, expansion, summary activity reports, renewal requests, etc. are processed through DMS.

A system-generated notification will be sent to the email address we have on file for you as of the migration date. The email notification includes your login credentials used to access DMS. If we do not have a current email at the time your data was migrated, you will need to retrieve your credentials by calling the FAA MyIT Service Center at 1-844-322-6948 or via email at helpdesk@faa.gov.

You must verify the accuracy of your information in DMS within 60 days of your transition to avoid complications.

Note: DMS stores your designee information only, and does not impact your AMCS account or the use of AMCS.

DMS Job Aids

DMS Contacts

MyIT Service Center — Contact for issues with the online DMS system, such as password resets, lockouts, system not functioning, etc. Do not contact the MyIT Service Center for questions concerning policy, qualifications, etc.

Phone: 1-844-FAA-MyIT (1-844-322-6948) or via email at helpdesk@faa.gov.

DMS Support Mailbox: 9-avs-dms-ame@faa.gov — Use this mailbox for any non-IT system questions/requests your managing specialist is unable to answer.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you throughout the DMS deployment.

Last updated: Monday, October 3, 2022