Remaining 2015 AME Seminar Schedule
Date of Seminar Seminar Location Seminar Type
October 8-10 Fort Worth, TX CAMA (4)
October 26-30 Oklahoma City, OK Basic (2)
November 20-22 St. Louis, MO Refresher (1)
2016 AME Seminar Schedule
(tentative - subject to final approval of funding)
Date of Seminar Seminar Location Seminar Type
January 29-31 Houston, TX Refresher (1)
March 21-25 Oklahoma City, OK Basic (2)
April 25-28 Atlantic City, NJ AsMA (3)
June 20-24 Oklahoma City, OK Basic (2)
July 15-17 Jacksonville, FL Refresher (1)
September 8-10 Rochester, MN CAMA (4)
October 24-28 Oklahoma City, OK Basic (2)
December 2-4 Tucson, AZ Refresher (1)

Register for a Refresher Seminar

Registration opens three months prior to start date of the seminar. To register for a refresher seminar, you will need an account to access the Designee Registration System (DRS). Please review these instructions (PDF) for creating a DRS account. Registration is open to the FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

If you are interested in becoming an AME, please contact the FAA Regional Office responsible for your locality. AME seminar attendance requires advance approval of the AAM-400 Education Division.

Accreditation Statement

The Civil Aerospace Medical Institute is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Definition of seminar refresher

  • AP/HF - Aviation Physiology / Human Factors Refresher
  • CARDIO - Cardiology Refresher
  • NEURO - Neurology
  • O/O/E - Ophthalmology / Otolaryngology / Endocrinology Refresher

Description of seminar types

  1. A 2 1/2 day AME refresher seminar consisting of 14 hours of AME specific subjects plus 4-6 hours of subjects related to a designated theme. Registration must be made through the Oklahoma City AME Program staff. Call (405) 954-4831 or (405) 954-4830.
  2. A 4 1/2 day AME seminar focused on preparing physicians to be designated as Aviation Medical Examiners. Contact your Regional Flight Surgeon.
  3. A 3 1/2 day AME seminar held in conjunction with the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA). Registration must be made through AsMA. Call (703) 739-2240. A registration fee will be charged by AsMA to cover their overhead costs. Registrants have full access to the AsMA meeting. CME credit for the FAA seminar is free.
  4. This seminar is sponsored by the Civil Aviation Medical Association (CAMA), is sanctioned by the FAA, and does fulfill the FAA recertification training requirement. Registration may be completed through the CAMA web-site or by calling CAMA at (770) 487-0100.
  5. HIMS AME Refresher Training. Registration is limited to HIMS AMEs.