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Become a DER

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Designated Engineering Representative.

Qualifications and Instructions are found in FAA Order 8100.8, Designee Management Handbook.

The following items make up the DER application package:

  1. Cover Letter – A DER applicant must submit a cover letter requesting appointment.
  2. 8110-14, Statement of Qualifications (DAR-F - DMIR - DER)
  3. DER Authorized Functions (General Regulatory & Technical Criteria)
  4. DER Application Evaluation Technical Criteria – Complete an evaluation for each technical area for which you are applying.
    1. Acoustical Technical Criteria
    2. Electrical Systems and Equipment Technical Criteria
    3. Engine Technical Criteria
    4. Flight Analyst Technical Criteria
    5. Flight Test Pilot Technical Criteria
    6. Mechanical Systems and Equipment Technical Criteria
    7. Power Plant Technical Criteria
    8. Propeller Technical Criteria
    9. Radio Technical Criteria
    10. Structural Technical Criteria

Submit application package to your local managing office:

Aircraft Certification Offices (ACO)

Information for DERs

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