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Wichita FSDO

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Flight Standards Realignment information

Local FSDO Highlights

    NOTE: Applicants must visit with the Wichita FSDO for the following services that require FAA Inspector in person review:

    • CFI Renewals based on Duties and Responsibilities (see recent changes noted in 8900.1). The following are examples of renewals based on Duties and Responsibilities:
      • 135/121 Company Check Airmen
      • 141 Chief/Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
    • Add a Gold Seal to Flight Instructor Certificate
    • Removal of English Language Limitation
    • Airmen Change to Personal Data – Change of name, Change of nationality, Change of gender and Change in date of birth.
  • Airworthiness Certification
    • The Wichita FSDO encourages the use of Designated Airworthiness Representatives for airworthiness certification. DAR Locator.

    NOTE: Select DAR-T and then United States prior to selecting Kansas.

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Additional Resources


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