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Customer Engagement encompasses a variety of advisory and analysis services the SETIS Program offers its Customers. These services are specifically formulated to assist Customer efforts to develop and maintain high-quality, complete, and actionable TOs and ensure the SETIS vehicle is the best fit for your requirements.

While the specific type and degree of assistance varies according to the Customer's familiarity with SETIS and whether they are pursuing a new, follow-on, or modified TO, the Customer Engagement Team provides such services as:

  • Customer interface
  • Performance Work Statement (PWS) development support
  • Independent Government Cost Estimation (IGCE) preparation support
  • Requirements evaluation (for completeness, consistency, conciseness, etc.)
  • Purchase Request (PR) coordination
  • Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) review and tracking
  • Scope validation (i.e., ensures all of the tasking is within scope of the larger SETIS contract vehicle)
  • Contract type assessments (i.e., identifies what contract type - CPFF, T&M, FFP, etc. - best fits the Customer's requirements)
  • Facilitate reviews and discussions with the SETIS Technical Team, Contracting Office and Legal Office as necessary.

These efforts are performed by a team of support contractors operating under direct supervision of the SETIS Program Office and in direct and close collaboration with the Contracting Office. For new TOs, the results are collected and collated into a Task Order Requirements Package (TORP) that is then reviewed by the Adjudication Board (described in the Flexible TO Award Approach) for their consideration.

The Program Office's role is purely collaborative in nature with the primary focus assisting the Customer to understand and complete the Task Order Requirements Packages (TORPs) and to coordinate and track the status of the TORP thru the Task Order award process.

For Customers, the SETIS Program provides a unique service to support our customers from inception through Task Order award and to ensure the SETIS vehicle is the best fit for your requirements.

SETIS Engagement Process

SETIS Engagement Process

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Last updated: Thursday, February 1, 2024