SETIS – Performance Based Contracting

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The SETIS portfolio incorporates Performance Based Contract Management (PBCM) principles in all new Task Order awards. PBCM is an accepted contracting approach emphasizing outcomes, products and expected quality results rather than detailed work specifications. PBCM allows increased flexibility for contractor innovation in achieving stated outcomes. SETIS’s PBCM implementation includes:

  • Performance Work Statement (PWS): revised format and content to incorporate PBCM principles focusing on deliverable products and expected quality results
  • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP): awarded as part of each Task Order to incorporate measurable performance standards and incentivize vendor performance
  • Quarterly Vendor Performance Monitoring using an automated PBCM system

The SETIS portfolio implemented a standard performance monitoring template to include measurable criteria to evaluate desired performance outcomes.  These performance areas are included in both the QASPs and the SETIS performance based PBCM template. The performance areas evaluated by the Customer quarterly thru PBCM are listed below:

  • Technical Performance
  • Schedule Compliance
  • Deliverable Quality 
  • Cost Control
  • Responsiveness to Customer Requirements. 

The SETIS portfolio also utilizes a PBCM system that collects task order performance assessment data. The Technical Customers are required to score vendor performance quarterly against performance areas identified in the standardized SETIS QASP. Results of this surveillance are intended to be used both for vendor performance monitoring and as past performance inputs for new task order award decisions. Any performance issue identified is directed to the CO and COR for resolution with the Technical Customer and Vendor.

Download the QASP Template

Last updated: Friday, July 1, 2022