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SETIS provides access to the talent, resources, and laboratory facilities required to enable our FAA Customers to develop the full suite of NAS-related capabilities. We have a Team of Engagement Advisors ready to assist our Customers in defining their requirements, determining if their efforts are within the scope of the SETIS services, and guiding our Customers through the award process from initiation to award. Contact us to learn more.

SETIS Benefits at a Glance

  • No fee for using the SETIS portfolio – free for all our Customers
  • Access to Top Industry Talent and Resources 
    • SETIS was designed with the FAA’s future requirements in mind, providing a single source for the talent and resources needed to accomplish your mission.
    • SETIS offers access to the best and brightest in industry today and further facilitates small business participation.
    • SETIS also offers access to a full range of laboratory facilities, tools and other technical resources.
  • Integrated and Experienced Multi-Vendor Teams
    • SETIS is set up to enable task assignments to be awarded to integrated Teams of multiple vendors, bringing unique independent perspectives into the Agency at the best value for our customers. 
    • SETIS Vendor Teams were required to demonstrate experience in at least 35 capabilities (or 44 for Large Businesses) listed in the SETIS Core and Additional Capabilities
    • SETIS Prime Vendors may add new Vendors to their Teams to expand capabilities and keep up with changing needs and developing technology.
  • New Small Business Vendors
    • SETIS offers access to eight Small Business Prime vendors, three of which are new Prime Vendors on our contract vehicle.
  • SETIS COR performs Administrative duties enabling Customers to focus on Technical Work
    • SETIS COR provides proactive Task Order administration, thus enabling the Customer to focus on the technical work without having to worry about the administrative actions.
    • SETIS Program Office and COR provide these Administrative duties for our Customers:
      • Maintain the financial records using a CUFF report, including tracking funding obligated, invoice expenditures, burn rate, funding remaining, and estimated depletion date.
      • Performs invoice acceptance in PRISM for the Task Order.
      • Enters the CPARS assessment as required for Task Orders greater than $2 million.
      • Develops Task Order Modification packages based on funding needs, Option exercises, and Customer requests for changes to the Task Order.
      • Conducts acquisition planning and forecasting activities as Task Order progresses to expiration.
      • Performs Task Order Closeout functions.
  • Breadth of Support from Initiation up to Implementation
    • A unique characteristic of SETIS is the breadth of support, providing professional and technical support services in 37 areas, including research and mission analysis; systems engineering; innovation and support services; information security; program planning and financial management; training; software engineering; aircraft certification; and program management support.
      View the full list of SETIS Tasking Requirements.
    • The scope of SETIS covers the entire AMS Lifecycle with the exception of activities after Final Investment Decision that are: 
      • Full-scale development
      • Maintenance of NAS Systems
      • Program management support for Program Offices that field or maintain NAS systems
  • Streamlined Competition Process expedites Task Order awards
    • SETIS utilizes a streamlined competition process for Task Order awards with standardized templates and forms.
    • SETIS tracks completion of 18 pre-award milestones for each requirement, enabling more timely awards from detailed status reporting and identification of potential process delays.
  • Competitive Pricing provides Best Value for the Customer
    • SETIS relies on Best Value competitions for Task Order awards, enabling Customer evaluation teams to determine the best technical approach and staffing.
    • Technical merit is generally more important than Pricing for Best Value determinations.
    • Customers are ensured fair and reasonable pricing based on Time and Material rate schedules with discounted pricing offered thru Best Value competitions.
    • Use of Time & Material (T&M) rate schedules enables us to better predict vendor costs, eliminate indirect rate adjustments, and streamline task order award and modification processes.
  • Engagement Advisor assigned to each Customer to assist development of PWS and IGCE and to support technical evaluation
    • SETIS provides a Customer Engagement team of advisors to support customers in developing their Performance Work Statements and Independent Government Cost Estimates.  The SETIS Engagement Advisor also supports the Technical Evaluation Team with any questions or guidance needed.  This is a unique service to support our customers from inception through Task Order award and to ensure the SETIS vehicle is the best fit for your requirements.
  • Pre-award SCRB Review replaced with post-award Quarterly CFO review 
    • SETIS enables Customers to forego the SCRB review process, thereby shortening the award timeframe by several weeks.
    • In lieu of the SCRB review process, SETIS submits Task Order award information to the CFO quarterly for review.
  • ASRB process conducted by the SETIS Contracting Office
    • The SETIS Contracting Office prepares the Acquisition Strategy Review Board (ASRB) documentation based on your completed PWS and IGCE information.
    • The SETIS CO presents the requirement on your behalf to the ASRB in order to determine the acquisition strategy.
  • Fiscal Stewardship and Governance
    • SETIS offers economies of scale by providing a portfolio of contracts delivering the most comprehensive breadth of support from concept up to full scale development. This decreases the need to establish future vehicles and directly reduces Agency contract management and administration costs.
    • SETIS’s innovative and centralized portfolio approach enables operational synergies, allowing for better integration of projects and reduced duplication of efforts.
    • The SETIS contract vehicle is set up to ensure strict adherence to the Acquisition Management System (AMS), incentivizing vendors to deliver quality products and services on time and on budget.
    • The SETIS Contracts and Program Office is made up of highly qualified professionals with years of technical, business and contract management experience.
    • SETIS offers its customers the ability to compete work, ensuring the best value and talent for your investment.
  • Automation Improvements
    • SETIS enhanced the prior SE2020/2025 KSN Tool to provide additional functionality and improvements to several processes, including Pre-Award, Resumes, Invoices, Deliverables and Communications.
    • SETIS uses SurveyMonkey for Customers to provide quarterly Vendor Performance reporting for Performance Based Contract Management (PBCM)
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys provide lessons learned for continuous improvement in our Task Order award and modification processes.
    • SETIS Website newly developed with the latest information for our Customers.
Last updated: Friday, July 1, 2022