The FAA Environment and Energy Emissions Division, AEE-300, supports AEE’s vision to remove environmental constraints on aviation growth by achieving quiet, clean, and efficient air transportation. The E&E Emissions Division portfolio is supporting this vision through a broad range of efforts to develop research and policy regarding aircraft emissions mitigation, characterization, certification, and climate change issues. 

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AEE-300 also has responsibility for maintaining the fuel venting and exhaust emissions standards of 14 CFR part 34. In addition, AEE-300 provides policy and guidance relative to this rule and promotes international harmonization of emissions standards through ICAO. Learn more:

Information about the greenhouse gas emissions rule for new airplanes can be found here.

AEE-300 also works closely with the Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT), the FAA’s Center of Excellence (COE) for Alternative Jet Fuels and Environment. The FAA is supporting Research and Development (R&D) to develop new aircraft and engine technologies, and evaluate sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Technologies developed by this program will result in a fleet of aircraft that have lower noise, use less fuel, and produce fewer emissions. 

Last updated: Monday, August 22, 2022