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The Environment and Energy (E&E) Research and Development (R&D) Portfolio supports AEE’s vision to remove environmental constraints on aviation growth by achieving quiet, clean, and efficient air transportation. The E&E R&D Portfolio is supporting this vision through a broad range of programs wherein the FAA partners with industry, academia, and other governmental agencies. These programs are not only providing the aviation community with improved knowledge of the environmental impacts of aviation noise and emissions, but they are also leading to the development of cost-effective solutions to reduce these impacts.

The E&E R&D Portfolio is reviewed twice a year by the FAA Research Engineering & Development Advisory Committee (REDAC); the most recent overview of the Portfolio can be found under the "Current Meeting Read Ahead Material section" located here. The findings and recommendations of the REDAC are available here.

Much of the research in this program is carried out by ASCENT — the FAA’s Center of Excellence (COE) for Alternative Jet Fuels and Environment — a cooperative aviation research organization co-led by Washington State University and the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology which supports 16 universities and over 200 students nationwide. In addition to producing world-class research, ASCENT is developing a workforce that will help aviation overcome challenges posed by aviation noise and emissions for decades to come.

For more information, contact Anna L. Oldani, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Environment and Energy.

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Last updated: Friday, November 17, 2023