Environmental Policy & Guidance

Environmental Policy

The FAA's Office of Environment and Energy develops and coordinates policy recommendations and legislative issues on environmental and energy-related matters. 

Environmental Review

The FAA considers the impact of its actions on the environment through coordinated environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the National Historic Preservation Act, and other federal laws.

  • Order 1050.1F Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures outlines how the FAA implements NEPA and related federal laws. 
  • The 1050.1F Desk Reference provides additional guidance for environmental impact analysis performed to comply with NEPA. The Desk Reference is designed to be used in conjunction with Order 1050.1F.
  • The Office of Environment and Energy implements NEPA for FAA actions related to environmental policy and energy-related matters. The environmental review process may result in the preparation of environmental documents (environmental impact statements (EISs), environmental assessment (EAs), or findings of no significant impact (FONSIs)). 

Additional Guidance and Memoranda

Community Involvement

The FAA is committed to open and effective public participation and regards community involvement as an important consideration in decisions that affect the public. 

Additional Environmental Programs

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