Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee (REDAC)

Established in 1989, the FAA's Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) provides advice and recommendations to the FAA Administrator on the needs, objectives, plans, approaches, content, and accomplishments of the aviation research portfolio. The REDAC also assists in ensuring FAA present and future aviation research activities are coordinated with similar research being conducted outside the FAA.

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The REDAC considers aviation research needs in five areas:

  • National Airspace System (NAS) Operations,
  • Airport Technology,
  • Aviation Safety,
  • Human Factors,
  • Environment and Energy.

REDAC membership is composed of a representative body of subject matter professionals from aviation, aerospace and related emerging technology focused corporations, universities, associations, consumers, and government agencies. The Director of the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center serves as the Agency's Research and Development Executive and communicates collaboratively with the Chair of REDAC to fulfill objectives in the review of the FAA research and development (R&D) portfolio.

REDAC meetings occur twice per year, in the fall and in the spring. During the fall session, the REDAC provides guidance and advice on how the FAA should invest its R&D resources for the fiscal year (FY) +3 R&D portfolio. During the spring meeting, the REDAC reviews proposals for the R&D portfolio and provides additional recommendations. During this review cycle, the FY+2 portfolio is addressed. The FAA tracks the implementation of these recommendations in the REDAC Database.

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Subcommittee on Aircraft Safety

The Subcommittee on Aircraft Safety is designed to evaluate the critical aspects of aircraft safety to provide additional expert perspectives in support of the Agency's R&D portfolio. There is an exchange of views, information and advice that effectively promotes the sound execution of programs related to aviation safety.

Subcommittee on Airports

The Subcommittee on Airports provides advice and recommendations to the FAA on its airport technology research and development program. The advice and recommendations provided by the Subcommittee addresses both near and mid-term priorities, and identifies areas for new research, areas to increase investment, areas to decrease investment, areas to cancel investment and areas where leveraging or partnerships are possible.

Subcommittee on Environment and Energy

The Subcommittee on Environment and Energy establishes a consistent platform to engage in the evaluation of environment and energy R&D programs within the FAA. This group provides advice and recommendations to the REDAC for subsequent delivery to the FAA Administrator in support of decisions required to sustain the FAA R&D portfolio.

Subcommittee on Human Factors

The Subcommittee on Human Factors is an essential component in the evaluation of aviation programs. Increased leadership in applied Human Factors Research and Engineering, NextGen investment strategies, alignment with industry and other government agencies will sustain Human Systems Integration efforts. The advice and recommendations provided through this subcommittee will be communicated to the FAA Executive levels through the full committee to ensure considerations in the development of the Agency's Research and Development portfolio.

Subcommittee on NAS Operations

The purpose of the Subcommittee on NAS Operations is to provide advice and recommendations to the FAA on its research and development programs in the NAS Operations area. This information is presented for discussion by the REDAC and upon considerations of the beneficial nature concerning the NAS's R&D portfolio is provided to the NAS Administrator for implementation where applicable.

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