NAS Systems Engineering and Integration

The NAS Systems Engineering and Integration Office helps plan, design, analyze, and protect our National Airspace System (NAS). We provide a suite of systems engineering services to the air traffic management enterprise, including defining NAS requirements, analyzing enterprise safety, defining security standards, guiding and informing systems engineering, managing the NAS enterprise architecture, and analyzing NAS performance.

Directorate Work

The NAS Systems Engineering and Integration Office works closely with FAA partners and industry allies to design the NAS of the future. We promote strategic ideas and use advanced data analytics and computer modeling to inform decisions about our engineering products and FAA acquisition plans.

Our team plans and integrates the NAS by prioritizing safety and information security while striving to improve NAS efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The office promotes best practices in systems engineering. Stakeholders leverage directorate expertise to resolve complex system-of-system-level design, engineering, and implementation across the NAS.


NAS Enterprise Architecture & Requirements Services

The NAS Enterprise Architecture and Requirements Service Division supports the NAS technical infrastructure. The division applies sophisticated architecture modeling and requirements methodologies to create technical views of the evolving NAS. This division guides systems engineering and architecture for FAA NAS programs moving through the FAA Acquisition Management System. It supports the integration of systems engineering practices using the FAA Systems Engineering Manual.

NAS Enterprise Planning & Analysis

The NAS Enterprise Planning and Analysis Division establishes the FAA NAS Enterprise Architecture (EA) under the direction of the NAS Chief Architect. The NAS EA is a clear, comprehensive evolutionary path for NAS modernization. The division integrates and analyzes at the enterprise level to propose NAS technical changes (infrastructure and implementation), and develops and maintains NAS EA planning artifacts, including EA strategic views and the NAS Segment Implementation Plan. Together, these products depict NAS evolution across the major planned FAA program investments and improvements.

Enterprise Safety & Information Security

The Enterprise Safety and Information Security Division develops and manages critical enterprise-level safety and information security requirements and architecture. This division ensures comprehensive integrated safety risk management and security risk management aligns with the NAS transition to NextGen.

Systems Engineering Information Management

The Systems Engineering Information Management Division provides information services to Air Traffic Operations and NextGen communities. It supports National Air Space planning and engineering work by providing secure contextualized enterprise level modeling, requirements, safety and planning information across internal FAA information platforms. It highlights reports and insights that target the introduction and implementation of new capabilities into the National Air Space.

Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives Division develops the workforce. The division designs and develops technical training curricula and micro-credentialing certification programs that include emerging topics in aviation and the NAS. It educates the workforce on technology changes and opportunities, and investigates engineering tools and methods to support NAS evolution.

Systems Analysis & Modeling

The Systems Analysis and Modeling Division quantitatively assesses NAS technologies, procedures, and costs to aid in prioritizing and evaluating future capabilities and implementation. The division uses historical performance analyses, fast-time simulation modeling, and other analytical techniques to produce a consistent agency-wide view of the expected and realized impacts of NAS modernization.

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Last updated: Friday, August 25, 2023