Management Services

The NextGen Management Services organization enables efficient administrative, human capital, budget, and contracting operations for the Office of NextGen. We accomplish this by establishing, implementing, and maintaining internal administrative, business, and logistical processes and ensuring adherence to FAA policies. We also lead interagency, aviation industry and international collaboration efforts to resolve complex challenges critical to NextGen, and communicate the progress of National Airspace System modernization.


The Office of Stakeholder Collaboration manages executive-level committees and component technical working groups of stakeholders to provide expertise and advice to ensure successful implementation of NextGen. Stakeholders include representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, other federal government agencies, Congress, and the civilian aviation community.

The Procurement Division establishes a portfolio of contract vehicles and administers grant management to secure services and financial assistance opportunities for the FAA and public.

The Employee Services Division coordinates directives for review within ANG; organizes workforce development and training; manages personnel and positions; procures equipment and workspaces required for employees to succeed; and processes personnel actions and awards.

The Financial Management Services Division manages financial services to help shape an environment in which management officials have and use high quality financial and planning information to make and implement effective policy, management, stewardship, and program decisions.

The Outreach Services Division leverages and executes the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics to inform communication strategies and decision-making. The division brings expertise in writing, editing, website development, graphic design, and multimedia through the production of reports, print and video stories, fact sheets, brochures, presentations, banners, web pages, and other communication products. The division is also responsible for drafting, implementing, and tracking the status of the business plan at the direction and oversight of ANG. Additionally, the division promotes global air traffic modernization through: the harmonization of global standards and guidelines that are compatible with NextGen technologies and procedures, optimal equipage to take full advantage of air traffic modernization globally, and collaboration with partner agency liaisons to identify and resolve air traffic modernization issues.

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Last updated: Thursday, August 31, 2023