Funding Opportunities

The Office of NextGen administers several funding opportunities available to public entities. Project eligibility, award ceilings, application periods, submission processes, and deadlines vary based on legislative authority or specific grant and contract programs, so we encourage you to explore each program's webpage for additional details.

Aviation Research Grants

20 grants totaling $7,346,411.10 awarded in fiscal year 2021

Centers of Excellence Grants

147 grants totaling $56,343,581.54 awarded in fiscal year 2021

PURPOSE: To provide an update on SAM entity validation delays and ticket escalation process

BACKGROUND: On April 4, 2022, the federal government changed entity validation service providers at the same time it stopped using the DUNS Number and began using the Unique Entity ID in to uniquely identify entities. All entities, even those already registered in, must validate their entity information through the new service provider. Data rights limitations require to collect the data from the user directly, not use previously validated data. This means entities may have to provide supporting documentation to update the new service provider's data and in some cases require a Federal Service Desk (FSD) support ticket created through the SAM application to complete the process.
Additional Information for Entities: GSAFSD Tier 0 Knowledge Base - Validating your Entity

INFORMATION: Due to high demand, entity legal business name and address validation tickets have been taking GSA’s Federal Service Desk (FSD) longer than expected to process. Please encourage prospective applicants to start SAM registration as early as possible, as it can take six weeks or more to complete all required organization registration processes. If needed, OSPE can assist with escalation of existing FSD tickets that are impacting agency operations through the GSA Integrated Award Environment Change Control Board process. DOT OAs should submit requests with all of the below information to and Once an entity successfully registers in after their ticket is resolved, there is still a 10 day waiting period for the registration to process through the IRS and CAGE code validations before it will become active in SAM.

Instructions for Entities to Create a Federal Service Desk Ticket for Entity Validation Issues: Entity users must create a FSD ticket through the SAM application and utilize that process to resolve Entity Validation issues (Legal business name, physical address, or Date/State of Incorporation). The FSD Knowledge Article KB0056803 from GSA includes their specific instructions to create and respond to FSD tickets to get the proper support.

Information Required for Agency Escalation to GSA through Integrated Award Environment Change Control Board (IAE CCB): Please submit requests with all of the below information to and
Federal Service Desk (FSD) ticket number (must be open and active):
Entity name:
Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) (if assigned):
Summary of Issue:
Business Impact (for example, will this impact a grant application, grant award, contract award, and/or payment and as of what specific date?):

Please direct any related financial assistance policy questions to Pam Lynch

Aviation Research Grants

The Aviation Research Grants Program provides grants and cooperative agreements to support and encourage advanced research that benefits civil aviation's long-term growth, prevents catastrophic failure of aircraft, and contributes to the FAA's mission of improving aviation safety, capacity, efficiency, and security.

Aviation Workforce Development Grants

The program consists of two educational grant programs. The Aircraft Pilots Workforce Development Grants Program supports the creation and delivery of a curriculum that prepares high school students to become aircraft pilots, aerospace engineers, or unmanned aircraft system operators, and supports teachers' professional development in the curriculum. The Aviation Maintenance Technical Workforce Grants Program supports education, outreach, recruitment, and military career transition.

Air Transportation Centers of Excellence Grants Program

The Air Transportation Centers of Excellence Grants Program provides a range of aviation technology research activities through the FAA's cooperative agreements with competitively-selected Centers of Excellence (COE) within academic institutions and industry affiliates in the U.S.

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