Portfolio Management & Technology Development

The work performed by the NextGen Portfolio Management & Technology Development Directorate (ANG-C) encompasses NextGen critical path concept validation, technology development, and prototyping of new capabilities to improve aviation system safety, capacity, and efficiency. Additionally, ANG-C supports the FAA's technology development portfolio through strategic planning, budget formulation, program execution, and program evaluation.

ANG-C meets the complex challenges associated with transforming the air transportation system while still maintaining and improving the existing National Airspace System (NAS) infrastructure by improving the management of NAS operational requirements and the NAS Operational Concept.


ANG-C has approximately 160 Federal employees across six divisions:

  • Human Factors Division
  • Info-Centric NAS (ICN) Operations & New Entrants
  • Engineering Development Services
  • ICN Technology & Advanced Concepts
  • Aviation Weather
  • NAS Lifecycle Planning

Directorate Work

ANG-C performs the following tasks:

  • Manages the entry process of developing concepts for the NAS Operational Concept
  • Develops and conducts studies and demonstrations to mature concepts
  • Distils Concepts of Operations into operational requirements and works with NextGen's NAS Systems Engineering & Integration Office (ANG-B) to reflect updates in Enterprise Architecture
  • Manages NextGen portfolios which develop and assist in the implementation of Operational Improvements (OI) and Operational Sustainments (OS)
  • Provides concept development and engineering for Weather Air Traffic Management (ATM) integration
  • Manages human factors research focused on Air Traffic Control (ATC)/Tech Ops and aircraft/maintenance regulation and certification
  • Maintains the human-system integration roadmap and supports the human factors community of practice
  • Facilitates partnerships with external research organizations
  • Provides research, engineering, and test support across the process flow
  • Leads in segment planning and implementation
  • Conducts shortfall analysis to identify gaps in NAS performance
  • Leads and supports development of international and domestic standards for emerging technologies as well as for harmonization activities
  • Orchestrates budget formulation and execution of NextGen Portfolio funding and ensures alignment with the Segment Plans

Last updated: Thursday, December 07, 2023