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ICAO and Global Initiatives

The ICAO and Global Initiatives Staff is based in Washington, DC and is responsible for leading the development of the Federal Aviation Administration international policies and procedures that provide information and direction to FAA leadership, other United States Government (USG) agencies, and international stakeholders.

International Civil Aviation Organization: The ICAO 40th General Assembly, will be held September 24 - October 4, 2019 in Montreal, Canada. Featured speaker is Elaine L. Chao, U.S. Secretary of Transportation.

The ICAO and Global Initiatives group manages the FAA's activities at ICAO serving as the USG liaison to the U.S. ICAO Mission and the Air Navigation Commissioner based in Montreal, Canada. The Air Navigation Commissioner represents the U.S. at the ICAO Air Navigation Commission (ANC), which serves as the principal body concerned with the development of all international air navigation, safety standard, and procedures covering worldwide civil aviation. The U.S. Air Navigation Commissioner serves as an independent chief technical advisor addressing a broad spectrum of aviation related matters aimed at achieving worldwide standards, procedures, and organizational uniformity. This position provides essential services to the FAA by advocating technical aviation policies at ICAO that advance our safety, environmental and efficiency objectives, and ensuring continued U.S. leadership in aviation technology. In addition, subject matter expertise is shared to harmonize U.S. policies, positions, and strategies between the FAA and ICAO Montreal and ICAO Regions.

Interagency Group on International Aviation: Serving as the executive secretariat for the Interagency Group on International Aviation (IGIA), the staff are responsible for providing coordinated USG policy recommendations on international aviation matters to the U.S. Department of State. The IGIA Secretariat serves as the conduit between the USG and ICAO headquarters in Montreal and its seven Regional Offices. All incoming documentation or correspondence for USG information or action is directed to the IGIA Secretariat for coordination. Additionally, the IGIA Secretariat ensures that the final USG position is submitted to appropriate ICAO Offices.

Crisis Response Working Group: ICAO and Global Initiatives serves as the office of primary responsibility for the FAA's Crisis Response Working Groups, as it pertains to International activities. They are responsible for the management and coordination of international policy recommendations to FAA leadership, FAA International Representatives, and other U.S. Government agencies during specific civil aviation related crisis events.

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