Each year, approximately 4,000 aviation professionals participate in the International Visitors Program (IVP). Whether touring headquarters or other FAA facilities throughout the United States, the focus of the International Visitors Program is on advancing international cooperation in the research, development, and acquisition of aviation system and technologies that enhance aviation safety.

Through the IVP we are able to build and foster stronger relationships with civil aviation counterparts and provide foreign visitors with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of agency programs and technologies.

Arranging a visit

As of November 13, 2012, foreign nationals planning a visit to an FAA facility must have their sponsor (FAA employee) submit a visit request through the new automated International Visitors Program (IVP).

For your reference, the information required on FAA Form 1600.78 (PDF) Request for Visit by Foreign Nationals, is the same information that is required in the automated system.

Requests must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days in advance of the visit for security to process. Requests submitted to the system with less than 10 days before the visit cannot be approved by security and are subject to Facility Manager approval without the benefit of identity validation. Be advised that at times we do experience a backlog of visit requests; therefore, we recommend forms are submitted as far in advance as possible to ensure an approval is received in time for the visit.

For more information on arranging a visit, please contact the IVP Coordinator at
9-AWA-API-International-VisitorProgram@faa.gov or at (202) 267-1000.