Nicholas Reyes

Nicholas ReyesNicholas Reyes is the Director, Western Hemisphere, Office of International Affairs (API) with base in Panama City, Panama. As the Director, Western Hemisphere Office, he is responsible for promoting U.S. interests and advancing civil aviation safety, security and efficiency. He plays a lead role in the development of international aviation policy and serves as the chief advocate for the U.S. aviation interests in the region. Mr. Reyes works directly with top U.S. and foreign civil aviation officials and serves as the agency's chief spokesperson at major international aviation forums to articulate and advance FAA policy.

Mr. Reyes served as the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Acting Deputy Director, Office of Safety Standards, Deputy Director, Office of Foundational Business and Division Manager of both Southwest and Western-Pacific Regions in the Flight Standards Service. In this role, he managed more than 1100 employees. His leadership responsibilities included 26 Flight Standards District Offices and six Certificate Management Offices and was responsible for oversight of aviation regulations, policies, standards, systems, and procedures.

Previously, he served as Manager of the Southwest Certificate Management office and the Dallas Fort-Worth International Field office. Mr. Reyes also served on several advisory boards for the Director of the Flight Standards Service.

Mr. Reyes is a former U.S. Airways and American Eagle airline pilot. He served in the military as a Flight Examiner/Pilot with the Puerto Rico Air National Guard and the Texas Army National Guard. In addition, he was a Manager of Pilot Training and Standards at American Eagle Airlines. Mr. Reyes is certificated as an Airline Transport Pilot with Multi-Engine Land, ATR-72, ATR-42, B-737, BA-3100, SA-227, and SD-3 as well as, commercial privileges for Rotorcraft Helicopters and Instrument Helicopters and has logged over 4,000 flying hours, in both commercial and military aircrafts.

Mr. Reyes holds a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Education from Wayland Baptist University. He is a graduate of the FAA Senior Leadership Development Program and has completed courses at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and the University of Texas Executive Education.

Last updated: Friday, November 19, 2021