Anchorage ARTCC (ZAN) is the northern, eastern and western-most center. It is one of three designated oceanic centers. Anchorage ARTCC has control responsibility for more then two-million square miles of airspace. It has three areas of specialty and 15 sectors. ZAN operates on two separate automation platforms, ATOP (Advanced Technologies Oceanic Procedures) and MEARTS/FDP-2000 (Micro En Route Automated Radar Tracking System). Some of the sectors cover extremely large geographic areas and on average use more communications frequencies per sector than any other facility. RADAR coverage is limited to 55-60% of the airspace.

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Anchorage ARTCC

Anchorage ARTCC
700 North Boniface Parkway
Anchorage, AK 99506

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  • Joshua McKinley
    Steve Kessler
    Airspace & Procedures Manager