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International Performance and Benchmarking

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The FAA works internationally to promote safety and to improve the operational efficiency of the global system. This is accomplished through work at ICAO, through CANSO and through bilateral agreements established between the US and other governments or Air Traffic Service providers.

ICAO logoThe office provides support to ICAO groups tasked with improving the performance reporting capabilities to member states. This effort is largely done through the ICAO Air Navigation Bureau and the Planning and Implementation Regional Groups (PIRGS). ICAO guidance on performance is contained in ICAO document 9883 as well as the most recent publications of Global Air Navigation Plan.

CANSO logoThe office provides support to the CANSO Operational Performance Work Group which is part of the CANSO Operations Standing Committee. The work items produced include technical documents and workshop materials whose purpose is to improve the ability of ANSPs to use operational metrics to improve management of air traffic services. The guidance documents and workshops provide worked examples designed to ease implementation and reduce the cost of building capabilities for members. (CANSO document of recommended operational metrics)

EC & EuroControl logoIn February of 2013, the United States and the European Union signed a special Annex under a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) to collaborate on Air Traffic Management performance measurement. This MOC continues existing work with EUROCONTROL that has been producing joint performance benchmarking since 2009.

In addition to producing these reports, FAA and the European Commission develop common position papers for ICAO on operational performance, and research performance measures that take advantage of data provided from ATC modernization technology.

Singapore Aviation logoIn September of 2013, the FAA and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore signed a MOC to collaborate on Air Traffic Management. The key elements of the MOC are to promote modernization and improve operational performance. Under the MOC, ATO Performance Analysis is working jointly with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to develop and benchmark performance measures for surface operations and flight efficiency.

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