System Capacity and Evaluation

Q1 2024 Airport Construction Impact Report

Q2 2024 Airport Construction Impact Report

The Capacity Analysis group is responsible for reviewing and evaluating NAS performance and analyzing airport/airspace capacity. The group will be responsible for reviewing daily how the NAS performed the previous day and identify systematic trends. The group will also analyze and track the impacts that construction or other planned system impacts will affect airport efficiency and capacity.


NAS Review — On a daily basis and in coordination with Industry, DDSO, Command Center and Facility traffic management personnel, review and evaluate how the NAS performed. Develop a report or "story" in order to brief Executive and Senior Management during daily executive and industry briefings.

Trend Tracking — During the review and evaluation of NAS performance, develop and track developing systematic trends. When an ongoing trend is identified, pass the trend to the Operational Analysis group for further constraint identification.

Field Relationships — Act as the point of contact and customer support for all field and facility traffic management personnel. Providing HQ support to the needs of DDSO and facility personnel.

Airport Construction — Develop and report quarterly on all ongoing and upcoming construction projects for COR airports. As needed and working with local facility personnel, analyze and model impacts that upcoming construction projects may have on airport and airspace capacity.

Modeling Support — As requested, model and analyze upcoming airport and airspace constraints and assist in developing plans to mitigate impacts that these constraints will have on airport and airspace capacity and efficiency.


  • Airport Construction Summarizer
  • Average Daily Capacity (ADC) Program/Report


Q3 2023 Airport Construction Impact Report 

Q4 2023 Airport Construction Impact Report 

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