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Lighting Systems - Light Emitting Diodes(LED)

LED green threshold lamp
Lighting systems provide pilots with the visual cues to quickly and positively identify the runway environment. They provide an extra margin of safety for approaching pilots. The FAA Lighting Systems Sub-Team (LST) is in the process of researching the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in an Approach Lighting System (ALS) application. Feasibility studies, prototype development and an Operational Capability Demonstration (OCD) have been done to validate the requirements for using LEDs in ALSs. Incorporating an efficient lighting source in the ALS is critical in achieving the strategic objectives of the NAS Enterprise Architecture (NAS EA). Additional milestones remain to be accomplished and future activities for this endeavor are forthcoming. The completion of these milestones supports the LST in the continued evaluation of LEDs.

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