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Lighting Systems - Visual Guidance Lighting Equipment Approval Program (VGLEAP)

Visual Guidance Lighting Equipment Approval Program (VGLEAP) is a program that allows any commercial laboratory meeting certain criteria to participate as a Third Party Verifying Body on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Navigation Services. In support of FAA Navigation Services, the Third Party Verifying Bodies will test and verify equipment against FAA specifications. Manufacturers wishing to participate in this program will enter into a contract agreement with the Third Party Verifier to obtain this service.

Approved equipment will be placed on an Approved Visual Guidance Lighting Equipment Manufacturers list, which Navigation Services may use for Facilities and Equipment (F&E) procurements. In addition, it virtually eliminates the Design and Development phase of the procurement process, thus reducing acquisition time. This will directly lead to a reduction in costs for the FAA.

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