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Flight Technologies and Procedures Division

Flight Procedures and Airspace Group


The Flight Procedures and Airspace Group ensures safe and efficient flight paths from takeoff to landing and provides operational safety reviews and support the NAS.

Projects and Programs

  • Instrument Flight Procedures
    • Design, evaluation, documentation, standards, and criteria of 8260-series orders
  • Domestic and international standardization of flight procedures
  • Flight inspection policy oversight
  • Non-FAA service providers oversight
  • Special instrument approach procedures and approvals
  • Approach categories
  • IFP waivers to standards and criteria
  • Foreign Terminal Instrument Procedures
  • Analysis of Air Traffic airspace studies
  • Non-rule aeronautical studies
  • Obstruction evaluations
  • Airport and Heliports
    • AAA/NRA studies
    • Modification of standards
    • ALP, CSPP, and airport planning
    • Airport Authority
  • Heliport evaluation program
  • Airport and runway safety (meetings and related work)
  • Airspace redesign
    • Issues, rulemaking, and Metroplex/OAPM
  • Decommissioning and relocating of NAVAIDS
  • Laser operations
  • Safety hotline of obstruction lighting outages
  • NCPs

Useful Links

Federal Aviation Administration
Flight Procedures and Airspace Group
6500 S. MacArthur Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Phone: (405) 954-4164

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