Flight Technologies and Procedures Division

Aeronautical Charting Meeting-Instrument Procedures Group

The Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) is a public meeting held two times every year. The purpose of the ACM is three-fold:

  • Identify issues concerning safety and usefulness of aeronautical charts and flight information products/services.
  • Discuss and evaluate proposals concerning aeronautical charts and flight information publications, digital aeronautical products, database coding, instrument flight procedures, and instrument flight procedure development, policy, and design.
  • Provide an opportunity for government and interested participants to brief and/or discuss new navigation concepts, terminal instrument procedures (TERPS) policy/criteria changes, and charting specifications and methodologies.

The Aeronautical Charting Meeting is divided into two groups — the Instrument Procedures Group (IPG) and the Charting Group (CG). See Order 7910.5.

The IPG portion of the ACM includes briefings and discussions on recommendations regarding pilot procedures for instrument flight, as well as criteria, design, and developmental policy for instrument approach and departure procedures. Please visit the ACM Charting Group website for information regarding charting issues.

The meeting is a facilitated discussion of new and outstanding topics. The status of an open issue will be reported from meeting to meeting until a resolution is reached, at which point the issue will be closed. Background information of all open and resolved IPG issues may be found on the RD Status-Open and RD History-Closed tabs below.

Last updated: Thursday, June 13, 2024