The Flight Safety Foundation, Inc. conducted a study to research and develop a process to identify and ultimately cancel underutilized or redundant instrument approach procedures. The FAA has used the information from this study to establish criteria to use when selecting procedures for proposed cancellation.

Webdatasheet is the FAA repository of airport and NAVAID data to include the assigned magnetic variation.

Docushare contains all pertinent documentation of all published instrument flight procedure source documentation to include magnetic variation assigned to the instrument flight procedure.

The table below provides announcements and reports related to new Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) development in the National Airspace System (NAS).

IFP Announcements/Reports
Title Date Added
Underutilized or Redundant IAPs the FAA Proposes to Cancel (MS Excel) Apr 13, 2015
Periodic Review List (MS Excel) Nov 26, 2014
Instrument Procedures Development System (IPDS) Project Status (PDF) Jan 25, 2013
Use of Third Party Developers for RNP Procedures (PDF) Nov 30, 2012