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Terminal Area Chart

Excerpt from the Salt Lake City Terminal Area Chart Terminal Area Charts (TACs) provide a large-scale portrayal of selected metropolitan complexes to satisfy pilotage and local control requirements. The 1:250,000 scale VFR Terminal Area Chart (TAC) Series depict the airspace designated as Class B Airspace. The information found on these charts portrays much more detail than is found on the Sectional Charts because of the larger scale. These charts are intended for use by pilots operating from airfields within or near Class B and Class C airspace. Coverage of Terminal Area Charts are indicated by shaded boxes on the Sectional Chart index. These charts are updated every 56 days.

Charted VFR Flyway Planning Charts are printed on the backs of selected Terminal Area Charts.

Separate indices show the coverage of VFR Charts (Conterminous U.S. and Alaska).

Information for all Terminal Area Charts
Chart Type Nautical miles/inch Nautical miles/cm Scale
Terminal Area Charts 3.43 1.35 1:250,000

Product Name and FAA Product ID

Terminal Area Charts
Product Name Product ID
Anchorage TANC
Atlanta TATL
Boston TBOS
Charlotte TCHA
Chicago TCHI
Cincinnati TCIN
Cleveland TCLE
Dallas/Ft. Worth TDFW
Colorado Springs
Detroit TDET
Houston THOU
Kansas City TKC
Las Vegas TLV
Los Angeles TLA
Product Name Product ID
Memphis TMEM
Miami TMIA
St. Paul
New Orleans TNO
New York TNY
Philadelphia TPHI
Phoenix TPHX
Pittsburgh TPIT
Puerto Rico/
Virgin Islands
Salt Lake City TSLC
San Diego TSD
San Francisco TSF
Seattle/Portland TSEA
St. Louis TSTL
Tampa/Orlando TTAM

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