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Reinstatement of Certain Former Air Traffic Control Specialists

The FAA was approved to use non-competitive reinstatement authority to rehire certain former Air Traffic Control Specialists (ATCS) who separated as Certified Professional Controllers (CPC). Eligibility, required written documentation, and non-selection criteria are described below.


Former CPC candidates who separated from FAA must:

  • Be eligible for reinstatement and satisfy other requirements (e.g., citizenship, selective service registration); and
  • Meet all qualification and position requirements, including maximum entry age for original appointment and retention age provisions (Age 56 limitations) and applicable medical and security requirements.

Required Documentation

The job application package must contain all of the following:

  • Resume or written work history
  • Copies of all certifications (e.g., CTO, pink card)
  • Notification of Personnel Action, Standard Form 50 (SF-50), to verify that the date of original appointment to an operational civilian 2152 occupational series did not exceed the maximum entry age
  • SF-50 verifying the completion of a one year probationary/trial period
  • SF-50 documenting the candidate's separation from the FAA


Prior failure of FAA field terminal or enroute training may constitute a basis for non-selection.

Age 56 Limitations

Candidates who have reached age 56 are not eligible for reinstatement (rehire) unless they meet specific exemptions, which the servicing Human Resource Division can explain. If reinstated, the candidate is once again subject to the maximum retention age provisions of the occupation.

How to express interest in reinstatement

Candidates seeking reinstatement to the FAA as an ATCS under a permanent appointment must coordinate directly with the facility they want to work at and submit the required documentation listed above.

Candidates separated from the FAA for six months or less will only be eligible for consideration at their former facility. If separated for more than six months, they may receive consideration for other facilities. Assignment/placement will be determined based on the needs of the FAA. Use of the reinstatement authority is entirely discretionary and candidates are not entitled to placement as reinstatement eligibles.

Contact Information

For more information, contact the servicing Human Resource Division for air traffic controller reinstatements in aviation careers.

Last updated: Wednesday, March 23, 2022