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Professional Careers

A variety of FAA professionals at work

Acquisition Specialists

You will serve as a principal specialist and advisor to management and staff on the Acquisition Management System (AMS) according to the guidelines, rules and regulations governing FAA purchasing activities. In this role, you will be performing the following types of duties:

  • Prepare AMS policy, guidance, clauses, forms and other information for subordinate contracting activities agency-wide.
  • Research and analyze procurement-related laws, regulations, policies, best practices, audit and evaluation reports, protests and other information utilizing experience and comprehensive knowledge of standard procurement principles to develop new and improved procurement policy and guidance.
  • Lead and participate in special projects or workgroups related to procurement matters, some of which may be complex and highly visible analytical projects crossing different functional areas or multiple organizations.
  • Advise and assist program officials, management and others on AMS policy, as well as critical and/or complex policy issues.
  • Review and evaluate proposed changes to AMS policy and guidance, recommending enhancements to ensure conformance with FAA policies and procedures.
  • Serve as a POC on policy interpretation and possibly represent the FAA in communicating its position.
  • Prepare written policy guidance, briefings and other information.


Qualified applicants must have at least one year of specialized experience and in-depth knowledge of Federal procurement laws, regulations, policies and principles, including the AMS. In addition, you must demonstrate skills/experience in:

  • All phases of procurement and wide range of procurement methods
  • Independently researching unique or complex procurement-related topics; analyzing information and formulating conclusions or recommendations for improving key procurement management functions; and conducting complex projects

Contract Specialists

You'll advise program officials in advance procurement planning efforts, performing a full range of contract administration functions ensuring strict compliance with contract terms and conditions. This includes interpreting contract provisions for contractors and government officials and providing appropriate advice and guidance. This will include the following:

  • Advise program officials on acquisition objectives, regulations, policies and procedures to be used in the acquisition process.
  • Assist in the review of highly complex and technical performance work statements and specifications; identify deviations, analyze alternatives and decide on appropriate acquisition strategies.
  • Coordinate extremely complex factors which are extensively interrelated with other administrative components (e.g., contract efforts on acquisitions for services and supplies, A-76 cost comparison acquisitions and source selection activities).
  • Develop acquisition objectives for specific programs and author the contractual vehicle, including pricing arrangements, subcontracting, policies, set-asides and other similar considerations.
  • Serve as lead contract specialist, when required, on government negotiation teams.
  • Establish and lead pre-negotiation conferences, setting terms for the government's position and acquisition strategies.
  • Coordinate strategies with the negotiation team (i.e., engineers, program officials, price/cost analysts, legal counsel and others).
  • Lead negotiations with prospective contractors to develop contract price, terms and conditions.
  • Determine the competitive range in negotiations involving multiple offers.
  • Answer oral/written inquiries, including congressional inquiries, Freedom of Information Act and others.


Successful completion of a full four-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree with a major in any field; OR at least 24 semester hours in any combination of the following: accounting, business, finance, law, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management.

You must also have at least 52 weeks of specialized experience associated with pre-award, award and contract administration including:

  • Acquisition planning of complex requirements with the required organizations.
  • Developing solicitations, conducting complex source selections and contract award.
  • Detailed cost/price analysis and negotiation.
  • Administration of complex contract requirements with government officials and contractors.
  • Developing negotiation objectives for modifications.
  • Interpreting contract terms and conditions.
  • Resolving claims and termination settlements.
  • Performance monitoring and closeout of complex contracts.

Read the Contract Specialists Fact Sheet (PDF)

Community Planners

As a community planner specialist for airport planning and development programs under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), you will help assure the airport environment is safe and meets FAA design standards. In this role you will act as primary point of contact with the public for airport system planning, master planning and compatible land use planning; and provide advice and counsel to airport sponsors and other technical personnel.


  • Degree in community planning or a related field (urban planning, urban affairs, transportation planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering) including at least 12 semester hours in the planning process, socioeconomics and physical elements of planning, urban and regional economic analysis and development finance.


  • A combination of work experience and education, including courses equivalent to a major in one of the above disciplines, or a combination of related courses totaling at least 24 semester hours in any combination of the above disciplines.

In addition to basic education requirements, you must have:

  • 52 weeks of specialized experience, including but not limited to airport planning, airport management or operations.
  • Professional knowledge/ability applying airport planning principles and associated FAA design standards for airport development funded under a Federal grant program.
  • Knowledge of FAA safety, airport design standards, environmental compliance requirements, and airport improvement funding programs.

You must also identify how your experience satisfies the following:

  • Ability to research unique or complex airport planning and development-related topics; analyzing information and formulating conclusions or recommendations.
  • Knowledge of the Federal, state, and local role in planning, developing and maintaining the National Airport System.
  • Ability to guide or influence airport development initiatives through persuasive communication with diverse groups or organizations.
  • Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in written reports.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects and assignments and have effective time management skills.

Human Resources Specialists

Human resources specialists provide the full range of HR capabilities to manage a wide range of complex human resource management concerns in recruitment, placement, classification, compensation, employee benefits, employee relations, labor relations, or human resource developments. You will:

  • Apply merit system principles to attract, develop, manage and retain a high quality and diverse workforce.
  • Research, interpret and apply human resource laws, rules, regulations, policies, precedent decisions, etc., that are typically general, inapplicable or have gaps in specificity that require considerable interpretation and/or adaptation for specific issues.
  • Help develop creative, results-driven approaches to recruitment and placement, strategic rewards, continuous learning or employee and labor-management relations.
  • Consult with management on the latest HR developments and practices to enhance mission results and maintain a strong performance culture for the workforce.
  • Promote the most effective alignment of HR systems to support strategic goals and objectives.
  • Produce results and support options best suited to particular missions, labor markets and work technologies.

Working Here

Working at FAA offers a unique opportunity to experience a career where your impact not only reaches throughout the aviation industry, but around the world.

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