General information for the physician interested in becoming an AME

Please read the following information before selecting a training course

Do not complete courses if you have not submitted an application via, and been approved by the appropriate FAA region to attend training.

  • Prospective AMEs are required to complete the Medical Certification Standards and Procedures Training (MCSPT) and the Clinical Aerospace Physiology Review for AMEs (CAPAME) prior to attending a Basic AME Seminar.
  • AMEs may complete the Multimedia Aviation Medical Examiner Refresher Course (MAMERC) course to fulfill mandatory refresher training requirements if you have attended an AME seminar within the last three years. Since AME refresher training is required every 36 months, MAMERC can be used to extend attendance of an AME seminar by 36 months. Attendance at an AME seminar is required every six years (72 months), regardless of when MAMERC was last completed.
  • Completion of the CAPAME course is not acceptable as a substitute for AME seminar training.
  • You may complete MAMERC or CAPAME at any time for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit, since CME and AME refresher training are separate matters.
Select a course
Course Name Complete this course…
MCSPT …as part of the requirement to become an AME or for staff training
CAPAME …as part of the requirement to become an AME or for CME
MAMERC …in lieu of attending an AME seminar (certain restrictions apply — read notes located at the top of this page) or for CME

These CME activities were developed by the Aerospace Medical Education Division of the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute using only congressionally appropriated funds, and without any type of commercial sponsorship (monetary or in kind).

For assistance with training questions, please contact the AME Training Help Desk.