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Manufacturing and Airworthiness Designees

Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives (DMIR)

A DMIR is an individual appointed in accordance with 14 CFR §183.31. A DMIR conducts conformity inspections during the manufacturing process. DMIRs also issue certificates such as airworthiness certificates for aircraft, export certificates for aircraft and parts, and special flight permits. A DMIR must possess aeronautical knowledge and experience, be employed by a Production Approval Holder (PAH), or a PAH's approved supplier, and meet the qualification requirements of Order 8000.95.

Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR-F)

A DAR is an individual appointed in accordance with 14 CFR §183.33 who may perform examination, inspection, and testing services necessary to the issuance of certificates. There are two types of DARs, manufacturing (DAR-F) and maintenance (DAR-T). This page contains information about DAR-Fs only. Information about DAR-Ts can be found on the Maintenance Airworthiness Designees page.

Manufacturing DARs perform mostly the same functions as DMIRs but work as individual consultants. They must possess aeronautical knowledge, experience, and meet the qualification requirements of Order 8000.95.

  • Specialized Experience — Amateur-Built and Light-Sport Aircraft DARs. Manufacturing DARs may be authorized to perform airworthiness certification of light-sport aircraft. DAR qualification criteria and selection procedures for amateur-built and light-sport aircraft airworthiness functions are provided in Order 8000.95.

Use the Designated Airworthiness Representative — Manufacturing (DAR-F) Search in the Designee Management System to search for DAR-Fs by location or name, and find their contact information and authorized functions.

Information for DMIRs and DAR-Fs

Become a DMIR or DAR-F

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