Application & Qualifications

  • 8110-14, Statement of Qualifications - DER

    Notice: The FAA has transitioned the Manufacturing Designee Program (DAR-F, DMIR) to a new designee management system (DMS) beginning in July 2014. Paper applications are no longer accepted.�� All applications for DMIR and DAR-F must be made online through DMS.

    Please see the DMS page for more information

  • 8110-28 (PDF), Application and Statement of Qualification –
  • 8710-9 (PDF), DPE Application/Qualification Record
  • 8710-10, DPE Candidate Application – National Examiner Board

Instructions – Order 8100.8D

Authorized Functions & Technical Criteria

Instructions – Order 8100.8D

Instructions (DER)– Order 8110.37E