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Engineering Designee Training Information (DER & ODA UM)

Designee Training Program

Program News

The Engineering Designee Training Program continues to undergo significant revisions. Our training program offers a blend of Initial and Recurrent training. Our training is developed to convey current and new policy, and provide applicable technical information to Engineering Designees, ODA UMs and ACO Engineers who manage these designees.

While some of the material learned in long term evolution training programs is intricate, our goal is to make it as simplified and easy to understand as possible. For help and community support, view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

The following courses are offered:

Technical Sessions
EDR & ODA Training

Face-to-Face Supplemental Training

The DER General Session has been eliminated as a separate requirement. Information previously offered in the General Session will now be included in the Recurrent General Training Overview course, which is required prior to completion of elective courses. We will hold optional face-to-face supplemental training sessions at multiple locations every year. These optional sessions will not fulfill any training requirement but will be free to anyone who has registered and paid for online recurrent training. These sessions will include both subject specific presentations by FAA personnel as well as an open forum format to allow attendees to discuss issues of interest with FAA personnel. A tentative schedule for Optional Supplemental Training Sessions is provided below. Log into the Designee Registration System to enroll in these sessions. See Agenda for more information.

2020 Face-to-Face Supplemental Training Tentative Schedule
(Last Update: 1/31/2020)
Location Date Facility
Los Angeles May (TBD) TBD

July (TBD)

New York August (TBD)


Atlanta September (TBD) TBD
Fort Worth October (TBD) TBD
Face-to-Face Supplemental Training (Tentative Schedule)
(Last Update: 5/6/2019)
Month 2019 2020 2021 2022
April   Fort Worth   Fort Worth
May   Los Angeles   Los Angeles
June   Chicago  
July Chicago Denver Anchorage Denver
August Anchorage New York Boston New York
September Boston Atlanta Seattle Atlanta
October Wichita      
November Seattle      

Renewal Requirements

Policy Memorandum AIR-600-19-6F0-PM01, Changes to FAA Order 8100.8D Recurrent Training Program Requirements and New Due Dates for DERs, ODA Engineering Unit Members, DER Advisors, and Aircraft Certification Engineering OMT Members makes significant changes to the Engineering Designee Training Program and Policy. Policy Memorandum AIR-600-19-6F0-PM01 supersedes Policy Memorandum AIR100-17-160-PM02.

Additional information on the implementation of this change is provided in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

Table of changes to training requirements for DERs, ODA engineering unit members, and FAA personnel who manage these designees


Visit our page often to stay current with program updates.

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